Goddess Spirit Oracle Deck

Unlock the magic of the Goddess Spirit. In nearly every culture Goddesses hold a prominent place of power as Healers, Leaders, Warriors, Teachers, Mothers and more. Work with the Goddesses and discover ways to harness your own powerful Goddess spirit.

A wonderful tool for self-discovery. 

The Goddess Spirit oracle deck is made up of 44 cards. Which are divided into four elements.

Chakra Energy to help you balance your mind, body and spirit.

Arcana Goddesses brings the divination power of the Tarot.

The Septuple (7 is the number of the spiritual quest) for strength and guidance.

Luna Energy connects you to the mystical power of the feminine luna phases.

You can use the Goddess Spirit Oracle Deck for: Divination (using the spreads that come in the little white guide book, or create your own); Feminine power connection (using the Moon cards during the phases of each lunar month); Honouring and connecting to each Goddess (by placing each card on your altar); Daily Journal (draw a card a day for journal prompting) 

Each box contains:

  • 44 card deck (cards are 9cm x 14cm)
  • Soft navy drawstring pouch with gold print
  • Little white guide book (33 pages)


  • $47.00