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The Witch's Altar - The Craft, Lore and Magick of Sacred Space

The Witch's Altar - The Craft, Lore and Magick of Sacred Space

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From prehistoric times to the modern day, the altar has been a pivotal tool for ritual and magick. The Witch's Altar is an in-depth exploration of altars for covens and solo practitioners. From building and maintaining your altar to exploring the use of mobile and hidden altars, this book offers advice, techniques, and fun for Witches of all ages and skill levels.

Learn about the altar's role in history and mythology. Personalize your altar with candles, crystals, sacred tools, magickal objects, statues, pentacles, and symbols. Explore how different altar locations may affect your practice, and discover new ideas for elemental, seasonal, and outdoor altars, as well as altars for the dead. The Witch's Altar also includes fascinating contributions from leading writers, including Jenya T. Beachy, Lilith Dorsey, Lon Milo DuQuette, Angus McMahan, Louis Martinie, Lupa, Gwion Raven, Natalie Zaman, Andrieh Vitimus, and many more. Filled with spells, recipes, and tips, this book provides everything you need to help you create the altar of your magickal dreams

Industry Reviews 

The Witch's Altar handles the subject in a way that makes this an entertaining, light process as the reader understands every sub-topic that is being explored. From history to symbols, deities and qualities, the book shines a light on many areas of interest.--Bader Saab for

This book is full of facts and figures, spells, correspondences, input from guest writers, creativity, and permission to 'do-your-own-thing'...[A] valuable new resource.--Anna Jedrziewski for Retailing Insight

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