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The Little Book of Tarot: Little Books of Mind, Body & Spirit

The Little Book of Tarot: Little Books of Mind, Body & Spirit

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This book is perfect for a beginner or someone with little experience, and contains unusual and interesting ways of dealing with the cards, including magical and spiritual uses.

An introduction to everything you need to enhance your life using the Tarot.

Whether you're a beginner or you're looking to build confidence in the tarot, The Little Book of Tarot gives a refreshingly modern interpretation for each card, focusing on problems that real people face in real life situations. This mini manual demonstrates interesting and unusual ways of using tarot cards, including for artistic and poetic inspiration, magic and spirituality and teaches readers a fascinatingly different way of looking at the cards.

The Ace of Cups.
Keywords: love, happiness, intimacy, blessing, harmony, a new start, calmness, clarity.

The Ace of Cups represents feelings at their purest form. There is no place for any kind of deception here. It is an especially good sign in love readings, but brings good news in any creative project. Whatever the questioner wants to achieve will need effort, but the situation has the potential for success.

About the Author

Katalin Patnaik started reading the Tarot at the age of fifteen, eventually becoming a professional Tarot consultant. She is the owner of Kati's Tarot Corner which is set up to give distant readings by telephone or Facebook. Katalin was endorsed by the Tarot Association of the British Isles (TABI) in 2016, and is now on their list of assessed and qualified tarot readers. Since then Katalin has also been Chairperson of the TABI. She has harnessed her artistic nature to contribute art and art-concept ideas to international tarot projects.
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