• Plant Magic for the Beginner Witch An Herbalist's Guide to Heal, Protect and Manifest
  • Plant Magic for the Beginner Witch An Herbalist's Guide to Heal, Protect and Manifest

Plant Magic for the Beginner Witch An Herbalist's Guide to Heal, Protect and Manifest

Ally uses her background in herbalism to create a practical guide for busy people who are still interested in a daily magic practice. Using a combination of herbalism and mindfulness, she teaches you how to practice radical self-love by manifesting your best and most positive intentions of love, healing, protection and prosperity. Witchcraft is trendy—from tarot decks at Urban Outfitters to spell books being featured at major retailers—and Ally makes it more accessible than ever. 

Each chapter covers one of those four intentions, with information about the best herbs to use as well as projects focused on rituals and DIY crafts to call the intentions into your life. Whether you want to ward your house by making a wreath of protective herbs, make an herbal tea to open your heart to new love, or an amulet to draw in abundance, Ally shows you that incorporating ritual into your everyday doesn’t have to be time consuming or complicated—it’s just about focusing your energy.

This book will have 50 projects and 50 full-color photographs.

About the Author

Ally Sands is the owner of Aquarian Soul, a popular company that specializes in herbal- and gemstone-infused products to make your beauty routine a sacred ritual. She is a certified master herbalist who studies under Rosemary Gladstar, a bestselling author and major figure in the herbalism community. Ally lives in San Diego, California.

Industry Reviews

"Plant Magic offers insight to the ancient mystical magical rituals of using the power of plants to focus intention and harness the energy that is available to all of us, helping our best dreams come true."
--Brigitte Mars, herbalist, author and university professor

"I can say with truth that Ally Sands' Plant Magic is one of the best books I have seen in this field. If you are new to magical work, you are in the best of hands. If you are one of us older, experienced herbalists, you need this book. Sands' fresh approach will make you feel young again."
--Rev. Paul Beyerl, author, educator, founder The Rowan Tree Church

This books speaks of whimsy and deep soulful practice. Ally Sands has managed to conjure up a fresh take on plant magic while remaining rooted in tradition. Whether you consider yourself a witch, an herbalist or simply curious, this is the book we need for the new decade of magic.
--Spencre L.R. McGowan, herbalist and author of Blotto Botany: A Lesson in Healing Cordials and Plant Magic