• Gateway of Light Activation Oracle

Gateway of Light Activation Oracle

A unique activation oracle depicting 44 ethereal gateways and portals to help users connect with their energy centre.

Step through 44 illuminating gateways to realign your energy space and unearth your own infinite potential.

If you're feeling unbalanced, lost, or simply ready to take the next step in your spiritual journey, this is the oracle for you. From the Temple of Atlantis to Shambhala, each of the 44 cards depicts an etheric gateway or portal to another realm. They hold space for you to connect with your chakra energy centers, powerful spiritual retreats, and guardian light beings, and activate the answers, power, and purpose that already reside within.

Internationally renowned angel expert Kyle Gray is one of the most exciting and sought-after spiritual teachers in the world. He's teamed up with visionary artist Jennifer Hawkyard to create this dynamic and unique oracle, featuring vibrant imagery, energetic activations, and empowering guidance. This deck will help you to-

experience an 'energetic upgrade'
rebalance and reconnect with your true self
discover the possibilities held by other realms, ancient mysteries, and ethereal retreats
find a connection to your own personal energy space
uncover your true purpose in this world

This activation deck offers you the opportunity to embark on an important, uplifting personal journey. The spiritual gateways await.

About the Author

Kyle Gray is one of the UK's youngest, most sought-after angel experts. He discovered his spiritual connection at the tender age of four, when he communed with his deceased grandmother. Since then, he has been blessed with a strong connection to the angels, who have guided him as he developed his intuitive gifts. Now, Kyle dedicates his life to helping other people connect with the angels through his workshops, talks and his online Angel Team.

About the Illustrator

Jennifer Hawkyard is a multi-disciplinary artist known for her colorful, vibrant and highly textural images. Her passion is to create unique images that have multiple layers of meaning and expression. Jennifer lives and works in West Wales.