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Woodland Wall Hanging

Woodland Wall Hanging

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Woodland Sign

As part of the Hedgewitch Collection, Spellbound Society have produced this beautiful Woodland sign:

  • It enhances your magickal space and was designed and hand-drawn in colour by Rachel Johnson the Founder/Artist of Spellbound Society.
  • The Rabbit symbolises the gift of abundance, fertility and procreation. The Rabbit as a spirit animal teaches us that is time to create the life of our dreams.
  • The Deer represents grace, gentleness, a return to innocence, harmony and unity. It teaches us to deal with problems with tact and grace.
  • The Squirrel is there to show us a spirit of renewal, change and playfulness. Squirrels in dreams often indicate a need to focus on the task at hand and may mean that hard times are coming and you must prepare.

The sign is proudly manufactured in Australia. It is printed in colour on 4mm plywood 23 x 20cm.

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