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The Magic of Tarot: Includes a full deck of 78 specially commissioned tarot cards

The Magic of Tarot: Includes a full deck of 78 specially commissioned tarot cards

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nterpretation is the key to the art of Tarot reading. This pack includes a Tarot deck and an easy-to-use book which explains the key concepts of the cards in simple terms that the reader will find easy to remember and then put into practice in a reading.

The Tarot has a 500-year history and most Western and Eastern cultures have created their own unique decks. The cards in this set, exquisitely illustrated by artist Emma Garner, express the rich imagery and symbols of the Tarot in a way that is both stunning and immediate. There are eight different card arrangements to try laying out, plus essential information on timing a reading; this is often omitted in Tarot instruction guides, even though the first question asked of a Tarot reader is often `When will these events happen?'.

Particular attention is also paid to interpreting the `people' or Court cards of the Minor Arcana, as these are often stumbling blocks for the new reader. Armed with the knowledge in this book, the reader will be able to make sense of a complete reading for him or herself or a friend, and use these inspiring cards to solve problems, identify opportunities, and ultimately divine the future.

About the Author

Liz Dean teaches at Psychic Sisters within Selfridges in London and is the author of several tarot decks and books, including the official HBO Game of Thrones Tarot, Understanding Tarot and The Golden Tarot. Liz's work has been featured in the Daily Mail, the Express online, Spirit & Destiny, Kindred Spirit and Fate & Fortune. She lives in Roker, near Sunderland, on the north-east coast.

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What better way to hone your psychic-like abilities than to have a beginner's guide to tarot reading? Written by best-selling author Liz Dean,The Magic of Tarot is a great first-leap into the beyond. Bustle

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