• Progress Over Perfection - A Guide to Mindful Productivity

Progress Over Perfection - A Guide to Mindful Productivity

Emma Norris guides you in setting purposeful plans that are right for you and nurturing a healthier approach to prioritizing, so you can live a more value-based life. She'll guide you through mono-tasking, batch working, productivity, and resting--not quitting.

Being busy or constantly on the go doesn't always mean we are being productive. Sometimes, it can feel like we are doing too much and accomplishing too little. Or we can have lots of plans and not know exactly where to start achieving what we want. This can make us feel overwhelmed and burned out, leaving little room to figure out what we want to do and lots of room to doubt ourselves.

Having more mindful productivity habits can combat these challenges by helping you keep track of your goals and accomplish them. You can pick the right methods to achieve things without feeling stress, anxiety, or the pressure of external factors while also improving your focus and living a purposeful life. Life doesn't always go as planned, and when that happens we want to be prepared to be our most productive selves.

Each chapter of this book is tailored to help you achieve mindful productivity. You'll learn to:

  • Pursue progress over perfection
  • Embrace the chaos
  • Set boundaries
  • Create realistic objectives
  • Practice mindfulness
  • And much more

You'll not only nurture a more stress-free lifestyle, but also learn to embrace the unexpected challenges that may come your way. You will learn how to cultivate productivity into your everyday routine, so you are able to achieve anything you set your mind to without the pressure of doing everything.

With Mindful Productivity, you'll find the courage and the resolve to do what you want to do without having to compromise your plans to fit the pressures of everyday society. It's possible to be your true self and achieve anything you want, even among the chaos.

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