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A little book of pendulum magic

A little book of pendulum magic

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Also known as dowsing, pendulum magic is a technique for seeing into the future, whether for information about romance, luck, past lives, or the psychic causes of disease. The author gives step-by-step instructions for making pendulums with everything from gemstones and rings to buttons and fishing weights. She explains how questions should be asked and how answers should be interpreted. She also charts the rituals involved in divination and explains how to use pendulums in conjunction with tarot cards, crystals, astrology, and meditation.

Industry Reviews

"The world today is basically geared to the left brain, or analytical and linear thinking. In fact, this 'rational' side of our brain is overfed...[while] our subjective, right brain is starving. It's almost like walking around all the time with one eye closed and one ear deaf." - from the book"

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