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A little bit of lucid dreaming

A little bit of lucid dreaming

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An introduction to the practice of lucid dreaming which includes instructions on how to do it yourself

Lucid dreaming is, simply put, the realisation that you are dreaming. It is to wake up inside a dream and to know that everything you see before you is a product of your imagination and consciousness. It can be disorienting, but, once you know that, you can actually take control of your dream.

Cyrena Lee, a long-time expert on the topic, takes you through the history of lucid dreaming , from ancient times to the present, and describes the therapeutic benefits of the practice, from its use in eliminating sleep issues and increasing your quality of sleep to its role in rewriting past traumas and promoting creativity. She coaches you through exercises to remember dreams, keep a dream journal, fall asleep while fully conscious and practise dream meditation and dreaming yoga. She even includes some advanced techniques, such as moving objects in dreams and talking to dream characters who can help you achieve clarity in your waking life.

This exciting and accessible look at a growing practice presents uncharted opportunities for personal and spiritual growth.

About the Author

Cyrena Lee is a freelance writer based in New York City and Paris, France. She studied anthropology at Barnard College, and moved to Shanghai to explore the world of advertising at Ogilvy. Since then, she's worked in creative marketing, and is currently writing a novel and a collection of short stories. She is also the editor of The Slow Scroll, a weekly newsletter from IRL Labs.
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