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I'm very lucky to have Jodie at my shop offering Intuitive Readings and Energy Healing Massage..

Energy healing massage, spiritual counselling and intuitive reading


Not just another psychic medium. Jodie has been working on her intuitive gift since a very young age. 

During an energy healing massage Jodie speaks with her spirit guides and connects with your energy to seek out any blockages and messages that your guides and guardians feel will serve you.  It is a powerful shift that leaves you feeling both energized and lighter as well as  discombobulated in the most euphoric way!! During an intuitive reading Jodie connects with your guides and loved ones both past and present to bring you messages that will help you forward on your journey but….. don’t be surprised if the spirits have their own agenda! Even during a reading Jodie can be guided to help to shift blocked energy or to counsel your soul with energy shifting visualizations or explanations of why you are experiencing the experiences you are and how to work through them. Be open to the experience….be prepared….it is like nothing you have experienced before. 


For Weekend bookings at Spellbound Society call Rachel 0450037282

For weekday bookings Helensvale location call Jodie 0415147220

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I had my healing massage with Jodie the other day, and I am still in awe at how truly gifted this beautiful lady is.  Jodie connected with my guides and gave me messages which made me feel so genuinely protected. Jodie also  helped me release trauma I have had since childhood, I felt this on both a physical and spiritual level. I felt so light and relaxed I slept so peacefully, more than I have in years. I actually look different when I look in the mirror I feel like a great burden has been lifted. Thank you so very much Jodie  I feel so blessed to have found you.

Review from Oriol 

Firstly on my experience in the spellbound society wee market shop HOW INCREDIBLY CUTE IS IT, every part of that shop is so beautiful, not to mention the handmade craft and love that the shop has from the lovely owner herself so soft and so soulful, absolutely loved her vibe she projects from with in herself 🕊!! Secondly I was informed from Rachel about Jodie on her work she does within spellbound, who is absolutely so beautiful, her work was incredible. I did a 30 minute reading which was 100% spot on but not only that, a week later I had also decided to do some massage healing with Jodie. I honestly can not recommend her enough, not only for her hospitality or her kindness, just her as a person to actually want to help me be in tune with myself again. I have definitely lost a huge part of myself and doing these small steps to find my grounding again is incredible, especially with the right person! This gift, we all can achieve within ourselves, it is possible! It’s just believing and accepting and Jodie, I believe, has this ability to guide you to any sort of needs , I would recommend Jodie in a heartbeat! I believe I hand picked her for a reason 🌸

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My friend and I visited this beautiful market stall on the weekend, my friend spent a bunch on beautiful cards, candles and images all hand designed by Rachel!  As soon as we walked in we could feel the incredible vibes the women in here were expelling! 

Working with Jodie has been a god send, My friend booked a me in for a reading and I felt called to return the next day to try a massage, Jodie was so welcoming and asked me to take a seat. We actually sat there discussing me and what I’m going through for an hour I learnt some incredibly helpful techniques and felt so at ease sharing with her. We didn’t get to the massage so I was invited to come and get this at jodies place the following day where we again spent time going over some things with a chat and then it got to the massage. I felt drunk when I got up, the energy moving away from my body was insane, the magic in this woman’s hands is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before and we are now days on and I have reached out for some guidance through text and Jodie has given me that support.

I cannot recommend enough working with these lovely woman! 

I hope you can all experience what I have with the help of these women.

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